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About me

Dear visitor, welcome to a part of aviation world seen through the lens of my camera. The database of this site mostly represents commercial airliners which I encountered on different occasions starting from 2006 and up to this day. Over time, although I changed a few cameras and lenses, their scope remained pretty the same: to share the passion for aviation photography with all interested in the topic: aviation enthusiasts, airlines, media, and all others for whom a flying aircraft is more than just a tonnage of airborne metal. 

Seeing is believing - so I hope the fleet hosted on this website will give you а more detailed, and a more passionate view on the idea of flying.

Welcome, and happy flying!


It all began at about the age of 14 when my brother and I started visiting the airport in order to take a closer look at the airplanes. The daily action at the airport was very interesting, and it kept us there for continuous hours, so that we got home only after it got dark. Starting from 2003 I became a frequent visitor of, a website devoted to aviation photography. Back in that time, the database of had only a few thousand pictures. However you could already find some very rare perspectives giving a very detailed look at aviation. A few years later I decided to start taking aircraft pictures by myself and to share them with other people who are not indifferent to aviation.

When it comes to aviation, I always questioned myself how these birds of iron manage to raise into the skies and remain there long enough to make it to another continent while carrying huge payloads. I should say, those questions are still occupying me up to this day. Hopefully some of the pictures presented on this website will contribute to motivation of other enthusiasts in their own relationship with aviation.